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The Just Party in a Nutshell (updated 10/17)

This blog post summarises The Just Party's aims and ambitions, and our approach to Brexit.  If you agree, there are various ways you can support us practically, detailed towards the end.

The Just Party is already registered with the Electoral Commission as party 2520. Ready to stand in any UK election, whenever called.

Any other new party would typically take over two months to register.  This is to compile and agree registration documents and get them reviewed and approved by the Electoral Commission..


The Just Political Party currently has two key objectives:
(1) The Just Party was founded principally to provide a new Centrist political party between the LibDems and Conservatives. This is for the majority of the British public who regard themselves in the centre of politics, but who often do not feel adequately served by the current political parties.  Key aims are:
  1. A Thriving Economy
  2. For a Caring Society
(2) In the short term fight to Stop Brexit, or at least a ‘Half Brexit’ that preserves the UK’s involvement in an upgraded Single Market.  This is to avoid a hit to the UK economy.  #HalfBrexit or #HaltBrexit


The Just Party is in the centre of UK poltiics.  We are better aligned with the majority than any other party.

The position on the new political spectrum would simplistically look like this, ignoring overlaps:  

The two lines show the result of a poll by ComRes in late 2014 of how people rated themselves on the political spectrum.  The bottom line is voters and the top line is all adults.

The Just Party logo - 'Just Forward'

The Just Party stands for:
  1. A Thriving Economy
  2. For a Caring Society,
A Caring Society helps people to thrive which in turn produces a Thriving Economy.  That's a virtuous circle.

The "Just" name derives from "social justice", acknowledging that this is a party for everyone.  Truly "for the many".


Brexit is forecast by many commentators, including the Bank of England, to have a negative effect on the economy.  This is reflected in the significant devaluation of Sterling against currencies such as the US Dollar and Euro.  That is already resulting in business failures where costs are in foreign currencies, such as Monarch (2 October 2017) where having to pay for aircraft and fuel in US dollars has added to their other problems. 

Brexit is therefore forecast to undermine the first objective of a Thriving Economy.  For economic reasons The Just Party is therefore ‘anti-Brexit’.

But ‘anti-Brexit’ is not ‘pro-EU’.  The Just Party:
  • Does not want the UK to join the United States of Europe, which is the EU's federal vision
  • Does not want to adopt the Euro in place of Pound Sterling.  That is the ultimate loss of sovereignty 
  • But is keen to collaborate with our EU neighbours for economic and non-political purposes
The economic hit would be avoided if the UK were to stay in the Single Market and Customs Union.  So this is the priority, preferably an upgraded form of the European Economic Area (EEA), let’s call it the ‘EEAplus’, where:
  • The UK has as much influence over the rules as it does as a member of the EU
  • It includes all products and services, especially financial services, covered by EU agreements
  • Likely to require acceptance of the continuation of Freedom of Movement of People. As net immigration from EU27 has consistently been well below that from elsewhere in the world, which is fully 'controlled', FoMP is not as big an issue as Brexiters make out.
The Just Party would therefore support a ‘EEAplus Half-Brexit’ whereby:
  • The UK joins the upgraded EEAplus (not the existing EEA)
  • The UK otherwise leaves the EU, and no longer has MEPs
  • The UK continues to collaborate with pan-European initiatives that do not or need not require EU membership
Further details on benefits and why it would be acceptable as a WIN-WIN for the EU and UK are given here.

Time is now very short, and arranging a ‘Half-Brexit’ is unlikely, but not impossible. There is perhaps an option to stay in the standard EEA by becoming a member of EFTA.  But to remain in the Single Market and Customs Union properly it is better for the UK to remain in the EU.  So it’s #HalfBrexit or #HaltBrexit

For there to be a change of negotiation stance or to halt Brexit will require rebellion by MPs against their party whips, at least in the Conservative and Labour parties.  They may need to form and join a new party. As an existing registered party, The Just Party stands by to accept MPs who decide they need to leave their party.  They may also have other reasons, discussed below.


During the Conservative leadership contest last year the Observer published an article suggesting that moderate Labour and Conservative MPs would form a new centrist party.  This included people up to Ministerial and shadow-Ministerial level. The pressures were not quite enough last year, but as Brexit is already biting the economy, those pressures have increased.

It would work like this:

The move of moderate Labour and Conservatives to the Just Party would include MPs and other supporters.  

As UKIP and the Greens found, an MP effectively compels broadcasters to give the party coverage under OFCOM rules, and other media tend to follow.  At least one MP in Parliament is therefore a necessity for the Just Party to flourish.  To get sufficient support in Parliament for #HalfBrexit or #HaltBrexit, we are aiming for at least ten MPs, preferably a similar number from each side.


The LibDems were in part formed from the centre left SDP which was a spin-off just from the Labour party.  For a number of historical and policy reasons, it is not expected that many Conservative MPs and supporters would wish to join them. 

The Just Party would be to the right of the LibDems, involving ex-Labour and ex-Conservatives
Indeed The Just Party is not intended to be a ‘LibDems2’.  The full rationale is given in a separate blog post, covering policy issues such as:
  • Financial management of the country's finances
  • The timing of any second referendum
  • Proportional representation


The Just Party has set out its aims across a wide range of policy areas, to be found here.  This can be extended and modified.

A full detailed manifesto will be produced in preparation for the next General Election, whenever that is, by those people involved at the time.  That is standard party practice.


Would you like to Stop a Hard Brexit and/or see The Just Party on the ballot paper at the next Westminster election?

Then do support us:
  1. With your time, to help spread the word. On Twitter, Facebook and otherwise to your friends and other influential people who would be interested.
  2. In particular, please bring the Party and the ‘Half Brexit’ idea to the attention of moderate anti-Brexit MPs who are likely to support it.  That is especially members of the new APPG led by Anna Soubry and Chuka Umunna, who will be key to the UK remaining in the Single Market.  
  3. Simply make a donation to help us do more. U p to £500 can be made by anyone anywhere in  the world without your name being disclosed.  Your name will not be published without your permission, and you can if you wish remain anonymous.
  4. Anyone making a donation of £24 or more will optionally become an Associate Member of The Just Party.  Details are here. This is even if you are a member of another party. 
Why not?  Do support us today!

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