Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Press Release re Brexit - Irish Border and New Party

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Two key Brexit topics have hit the headlines in the last few days:
  1. The need for making progress on the three key issues in the first round of the UK/EU negotiations.  This includes how to resolve the Irish border, on which the government published a paper today
  2. The need for a new anti-Brexit political party, as suggested by James Chapman, the former Chief of Staff to David Davis at the Department for Exiting the EU
The Just Party has published two blogposts today addressing these two issues:

"Let's Collaborate Independently"
The spectrum of Brexit support and a proposal arising which solves all three key issues, including Irish border

"A New Anti-Brexit Party - But Which One?"
A look at James Chapman's proposal and the only registered anti-Brexit party, The Just Party

The Just Party's founder, Chris Challis, wrote both articles.  He is available for media interviews and opinion pieces.  Relevant media experience includes:
  • Appearance by invitation in interview feature on BBC Sunday Politics South on 25 June 2017, plus other TV and radio appearances
  •  Professional writing for Institute of Chartered Accountants (ICAEW), over 100 articles
  • "Best Speaker" at an Ascot Speakers event in July 2017
Note For Editors:
The Just Party was founded to represent the large number of people as a centrist political party in the gap between the LibDems and increasingly right-wing Conservatives.  The party is anti-Brexit as Brexit undermines the party's two key aims:
  1. A Thriving Economy
  2. A Caring Society
"The Just Party in a Nutshell" sets out a summary of the party's offer to the electorate.

For regulated broadcasters including the BBC, OFCOM encourages you to give a voice to emerging parties.  The guidance section 6.2 says "Broadcasters must also consider giving appropriate coverage to parties ... with significant views and perspectives." We look forward to helping you with your broadcasts.

For newspapers and other media, we hope you will also take the chance to cover the significant views and perspectives in these articles.

Contact with Chris can be made by Twitter direct message @justqcharley

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