Sunday, 23 July 2017

Revolting. BBC Women and Grassroots Tories. Time for the Remainers?

Is everyone revolting?
The Sunday Telegraph screamed revolution this morning:  
  1. High-profile women employed by the BBC have clubbed together to write to their bosses to 'demand' parity on pay with their male counterparts.  Something that should be the case across the public and private sectors. Women NHS managers are on average earning 9% less than men. That can't go on. Parity is essential.
  2. In the Conservative party, 200 local party groups have clubbed together to compile a list of critisisms of Theresa May.  By the sounds of things they will be using the summer recess to find a successor, without a damaging leadership election.

What wasn't mentioned today is the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on EU Relations,  reported by the Telegraph on 10 July when the group was formed.  This APPG is campaigning for a 'soft' Brexit.

Even the Mail
That group reflects the public wanting to take a stand against a 'hard' Brexit.  Even the Mail on Sunday ran an anti-Brexit headline today "Just 87 cents for your pound" ..."post-Brexit".  This change in media coverage will only firm up the public against Brexit.

So I call on Chuka Ummuna, Anna Soubry and the other MPs in the new APPG to step up a gear.  How about clubbing together to Stop Brexit? That may mean forming or joining a new anti-Brexit centrist party that welcomes moderates from Labour and Conservatives.  In terms of having enough influence, it probably does.  The Just Party is registered and ready for your call!


  1. I'm willing to join them

  2. Thanks Peter. Yes do become a member. Or do just make a donation towards our work (especilly if you are currently a member of another political party)
    That goes to our own TheJustParty gofundme site