Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Brexit: Let's Shoot The Elephant In The Room

Today a Brexiter writes about the Brexit Referendum last year.  "If British democracy is not upheld & Brexit delivered then British democracy loses all legitimacy, the system breaks and has no future."

That is the Brexit elephant in the room.  That is why no elected MP is prepared to stand up and say "Stop Brexit".  They are only prepared to fight against a 'hard' Brexit.  That includes the new cross-party "APGG on EU Relations" group.

But is our Brexiter's statement true?  Even if the result had been more than 60:40 Leave, after a 'clean' campaign and everyone voting for strongly held views, was the vote the end of the democratic story?

No, of course not.  The vote was not a blank cheque for any Brexit at any cost, regardless of any changes in public opinion.  Surely democracy demands further checks and the option to say "Stop" if necessary?  If anything, not having that opportunity is when democracy breaks!

Had the possibility of Leave been taken seriously in the Referendum planning, there would have been 'Stop/Go' checkpoints in the process for the public and/or MPs to consider.  That's the business-like approach for any project as high-risk and full of unknowns as Brexit.

One Stop/Go decision at the end of the process, as the LibDems suggest, is too late.  Damage is being done as we go along - economically as now being reported in the news, and culturally as people without a UK passport consider their future.

Let's consider the Referendum result as only a 'starting gun'.  As soon as you recognise that, it kills the Brexit elephant in the room.

It also puts the #StopBrexit option on the table.  The question then is how and when will we have the opportunity for a Stop/Go decision?

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