Thursday, 13 July 2017

Brexit: The Great Repeal Bill Is Oiut

The Great Repeal Bill is out.  The intention of it is primarily to bring all the relevant EU legislation referred to by UK legislation into the UK legislation itself.  That allows that law to be amended, removed or augmented by the UK Parliament without recourse to the EU

This is the core of the "Let' Bring Back Control" of the referendum campaign.

The Bill is key to preparation for Brexit.  Without the resulting Act, the UK would fall off a legal cliff, regardless of any economic considerations.

Yet now the Tories are not at all clear they can get the Bill through Parliament.  Labour are nominally on the Brexit side, but the Telegraph reports:
  • Labour says it will not support the Bill in its current form.  Labour will want concessions in terms of guarantees for workers. 
  • The LibDems have promised "hell"
It was suggested yesterday that there ought ot be a parallel Bill that specifically covers a Go / NoGo decision for Brexit.   In a sense debate on The Great Repeal Bill fulfils that purpose.  But a Bill that specifcally refers to the possibility of Stop Brexit is far preferable.  Brexit or Stop Brexit.  We need that debated properly now negotiations have started and the position is clearer.

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