Monday, 24 July 2017

Coincidence? A Timely Reminder?

I live in a village shaped like a doughnut.  Houses in a ring around a large farm.

Along the edge of the farm is a twisty country lane, barely wide enough for two vehicles and with a single footpath only just wide enough for a wheelchair.

I attended a Parish Council meeting a couple of years ago, partly to hear about a new development just up the road. But there was one other subject on the agenda that caught my attention, as it involved my alta mater.  A tree's roots had undermined the footpath, raising it at an angle that risked a kid on a tricycle being tipped into the road.  I had been pleased to see the footpath had been repaired, and was now flat.

For months I had never seen a tricycle on that stretch of footpath. But yesterday I did as I drove along the road.  A rather large tricycle, much like an autistic child might ride, approaching the tree. Soemone at particular risk of mishap.  I was glad to see they would be safe.

I mentioned in a separate blog article that I had stumbled upon a fund-raiser at our local art gallery.  One of the people who introduced themselves to me was the person who over the years had perhaps done more for the local community than anyone.  The Chairperson of the very Parish Council which had arranged the footpath repair.  I hadn't seen her since that meeting all that time ago.  What a coincidence (and a very pleasant one)!

Which reminded me.  As The Just Party develops it won't just be at national level but at County, Borough and Parish level too.  Much important work to be done!

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