Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Snowballing. The Just Party support accelerates.

Chris Challis, the founder of the Just Party writes:

I belong to one of the Toastmasters speaking clubs.

Tonight I was the Toastmaster (Chairman) for the meeting. I was absolutely delighted when the evaluator said I have "charisma". I say that because I'm going to be chairing a lot of rallies and public meetings for The Just Political Party.  I'm really looking forward to it.

There were three members who are voters in Maidenhead.  All voted Remain last year.  All were keen to support the Party, including one who immediately offered to give out leaflets to customers in their business premises.  Wow!

There were also members who live in the Windsor constituency.  One of which had been a young Conservative, and at the time of the referendum last year was involved in an Anglo-Irish organisation.  Concerned both about the direction of the EU on the one hand (as many of us are), and the Northern Irish border on the other, he also finally opted for Remain.  Sadly it is too much of a rush for him to stand for The Just Party in the Windsor constituency as the "Alternative Conservative", but maybe next time.

The snowball of support is setting off. The tight deadline today, 4pm Thursday may stop us getting many more names on the ballot papers.  But The Just Party movement is on a roll.  Watch this space!

The Just Party is recruiting

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