Wednesday, 10 May 2017

TOO LATE for Prospective MPs. But not too late for the future.

Deadline: 4pm Thursday 11 May 2017
Thursday 11th 4pm. Today.  That WAS the deadline for candidates for the 2017 General Election.  In practice that meant by 2pm at the relevant local authority, armed with 10 constituents' signatures, the other forms and £500 deposit in cash.

Now that deadline has passed, we're looking to the future.  

The Just Political Party stands for:
  1. A Strong Economy
  2. A Caring Society
  3. Anti-Brexit (or at least a Soft Brexit), because of the way Brexit is expected to undermine the first two aims
The snap election has given us very little time to get ready.  Nonetheless The Just Political Party has a candidate registered in Maidenhead. We are now looking for more candidates for future elections, be they:
  • Existing MPs from Conservative or Labour parties, principally those in the attached list who backed Remain
  • New talent for Remain seats where a Leave candidate is expected win i.e. which have lead candidates from Conservative or Labour parties. 
Now the nomination deadline has passed, it is about looking to the future. The aim is to bring together moderates from all sides of the political spectrum, be they Labour, Conservatives or not politically aligned.

If you are an MP on this list attached, or backed Remain, you are likely to fit better into The Just Party than your existing party.  You'll also have far greater influence on policy and the manifesto.  This list includes:
  1. Ex Conservative Cabinet Ministers, such as Nicky Morgan 
  2. Current Cabinet Ministers, who were staunch Remainers, including Philip Hammond, Chancellor (but rumoured not to be for much longer).  
  3. Senior Labour MPs in Corbyn's "hostile" group, such as Harriet Harman, the former acting leader, and leadership candidate Liz Kendall
  4. Those in Corbyn's "core group negative" such as leadership candidate Dan Jarvis
  5. Those in his "neutral not hostile" group, such as Angela Eagle
If you've been an MP, you could stand for The Just Party in your existing constituency.  Do get in touch.  Do speak to some of the other MPs on the list first, and potentially get a group of candidates. You can appoint your own Leader.

Further notes for Labour folk

Further notes for Conservative folk

There are some other constituencies where the incumbent MP campaigned for Brexit, and so would not be suitable as a Just Party candidate.  So new talent is invited to apply for future elections for:
  • Windsor
  • Wokingham 
  • Other Remain seats where the recent MP is Labour or a Tory leaver
There's also senior figures such as Alastair Campbell and George Osborne who may not want to stand, but could take another role, perhaps as Chairman.

Or if you know any of these people, please bring this to their attention.  The challenge of growing The Just Party is ongoing.  Thanks!

The Just Party is recruiting

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