Thursday, 4 May 2017

Gina Miller is raising funds. Is The Just Party simply duplicating this?

Gina Miller is the businesswoman who took the UK Government to court to force them to hold a vote in Parliament before submitting the Article 50 notification to leave the EU.  That vote has been held, the notification approved, and it has been submitted to the EU.

Negotiations are now starting, and in a couple of years there should be an agreement (if the talks don't collapse!).  The Government has expected to approve this agreement themselves.  Some people, including the LibDems, want the agreement to be subject to another referendum. But Gina would simply like to see this being subject to a Parliamentary vote.

So Gina, in conjunction with, believes this a vote is more likely to happen if the forecast Tory majority can be reduced.  That means having someone else elected instead of Tory candidates in a number of seats. 

As a non-partisan organisation BestForBritain is raising funds with these objectives:
  1. Financially help any candidate "who pledges to support a full and free vote on the Brexit deal".  They need to have a realistic chance of being elected, and often this means beating a Tory candidate. (As a result, leading pro-EU Tories have resigned as a group from BestForBritain). The supported candidate can be from any relevant party, including the LibDems and SNP, or be independent.
  2. They will also "work with organisations with the same goals"
  3.  "Fight to make the Brexit deal process transparent, honest and democratic"
  4. ."Tour marginal seats to make sure the next Government has no mandate to destroy our rights and our relationship with Europe"
  5. "Drive voter registration (especially young people), and voter turnout "
They have raised over £350,000 so far, using this GoFundMe donations site Well done!

So why is The Just Political Party also raising money through GoFundMe?

In the last few days two key things have become clear, that:
  1. The UK's negotiating stance is frankly an amateurish disgrace, and prone to failure.  We're not talking of May being "strong and stable", but the "weak and wobbly" leader of the Nasty Party.
  2. The transition out of the EU is the problem, which many Brexiters choose to ignore. Any form of Brexit will produce a short-term hit to the economy, with job losses, consequent reduction in tax take, and public services slashed. The "Nasty Party" on steroids! Medium and long term considerations would be completely undermined. 
  3. But looking further ahead, should the UK wish to rejoin the EU, membership advantages such as its own currency (and consequent sovereignty) would be lost.  So not only is it important to soften and vote on the form of Brexit, but also preferably to cancel it.  That is still possible during the negotiations, and of course must be done democratically.  The vote last June was only the starting gun, not the chequered flag!
So The Just Political Party is Anti-Brexit, looking to soften if not cancel Brexit.  But that's not pro-EU.  The EU as an organisation requires substantial change, as does management and control of the euro.  The fudge when the euro was itnroduced in the late 90s, such as to allow Greece to enter, continues to undermine the euro's success.  It also continues to inflict hardship on the weaker countries.

In principle, candidates of The Just Political Party would be eligible for financial support from BestForBriain.  But we would not necessarily receive support for each of our candidates, Indeed it is expected that BestForBritain will want to spread the raised funds on a non-partisan basis.

As a political party, The Just Political Party also has a wider set of goals.  It is just as much about having policies that balance wealth creation with the compassion of social justice.  That means building a fully-fledged party, not just a pressure group. These objectives all require fund-raising, and not just for individual candidates in GE17.

We also believe that MPs of the same political party will have more of an affect in Parliament than those scattered across the political spectrum. We want as many Just MPs as possible.  That means beating not just Tory, but also Labour and other party candidates.

How Should You Donate?

If you beleive that Gina's campaign with BestForBritain for the "soften Brexit" objective is for you, do donate to her campaign.  If however you want to support a party that is aiming for far more as a political force, including canceling Brexit if possible, then do donate to the Just campaign.  Or do both!


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