Wednesday, 17 May 2017

An Open Letter To Theresa May

Maidenhead Constituency
Dear Theresa

I lived in Maidenhead for 25 years, and voted for you each time between 1997 and 2010.  In 2015 I also voted Conservative.  But I won't be in 2017.

I met you in your constituency surgery.  You listened,  You understood a complex situation far quicker than most.  Impressive.  Indeed I was quite a fan.

Fast forward to 2017 and I am very concerned that the Conservatives have backed Brexit 'at any cost', and that you are leading this despite your Remain views last summer.  I still hold similar views against Brexit.  I am similarly concerned about Heathrow Terminal 3.  It seems to me that you have put your career before your constituents.

I founded The Just Political Party in 2014 due to concern about the lack of choice for voters in the centre such as myself.  The Conservative party had already veered right, and has since gone further.  The need for the new Just Political Party is now even greater.

Julian Reid is our candidate in Maidenhead for GE17.   It is rather coincidence it is your constituency.  For that reason we considered standing in an adjacent Remain-backing seat.  But Julian's business trip to the States meant nomination formalities could not be completed by the deadline.  That and a natural commitment to Maidenhead's constituents, especially when there is talk of bulding on the 'green lungs' of Maidenhead at the Golf Club.

Theresa, everyone expects you to win. But it is our aim to give you 'a run for your money', to allow constituents to show their displeasure at Brexit, and displeasure at Heathrow expansion.   But there is of course the possibility of beating you.

I thought you were the best candidate for the Conservative Leadership, in the hope and expectation of you softening the party's stance on Brexit.  Personally, I wouldn't want to trigger another leadership election, unless that meant a new leader coming forward who wanted a softer Brexit.

In that hope, Julian is competing to win as the 'conservative alternative '.

With my best regards

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