Sunday, 23 April 2017

The Story So Far - Blog Posts pre-GE 2017

The Just Political Party was founded with the objective of providing a true centrist choice for voters.  "Compassionate conservatism" but for real!

"Great Aspirations. Great Britain" quickly became the maxim.

Then the description:
"Social Justice within a Thriving Economy. Centrist and Anti-Brexit"

Why? There are two core principles:
  1. Aspiration (centre right) - to create wealth and prosperity - for you and to pay for public services
  2. Social Justice (centre left) - equality of opportunity, and looking after those that need help - hence the name "Just"
  3.  Strong financial management of the UK’s finances – promoting growth and creating jobs
Out of that it became clear that Brexit would not be consistent with those principles, hence a fourth core principle - Anti-Brexit .

Further details in the 2016 blog

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