Monday, 24 April 2017

The Anti-Brexit Party for the Centre

When The Just Political Party was registered, it was clear that the vast majority of people in the centre had no party they could actively support:
  • Many voters had supported New Labour, but this option had disappeared with Labour's move to the left
  • The Tories were still the "nasty party"
  • The LibDems were still too far left for most people.
A new centre party was needed.

The situation is even more acute now:
  • The Labour Party has moved further to the left under Jeremy Corbyn
  • The Tories won GE2015 outright with a centrist promise, but have since lurched right with a hard Brexit agenda
  • The LibDems are not filling the centrist void, especially right of centre
  • The Green Party and UKIP couldn't possibly represent the centre
Simplistically The Just Political Party fills that void in the centre,where ComRes has shown the vast majority of voters think they stand:

So that's why The Just Political Party is needed more than at any time in decades. It's
"Great Aspirations.  Great Britain"  which of course includes the whole of the UK!

Further details are here.

In principle, can we count on your support?

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