Friday, 28 April 2017

The Just Political Party is Recruiting. How About You?

(Aspiring MPs)

The General Election is on Thursday 8 June.  Nominations for candidates need to be in to the relevant local authority by 4pm Thursday 11 May.  This is with nomination forms duly signed by ten of the good folk of the relevant constituency, by The Just Party, and with the deposit..

Rome wasn’t built in a day.  The snap election produces tight deadlines for The Just Party to get candidates and support in place.  A challenge, but not impossible with your help.

We are hoping to have prospective candidates for The Just Political Party in place for a selection of constituencies, especially those where voters backed Remain last June.  These might include those who have recently been Tory or Labour MPs, plus other folk, who believe more strongly that the Just Party vision is what's actually in the national interest.

We already have a strong candidate for Maidenhead, which by coincidence happens to be Theresa May's constituency. Would you like to represent us elsewhere?

Candidates for other constituencies need to be identified preferably by Wednesday 10 May, so forms can be signed by the candidate and The Just Party for submission by Thursday.  The candidates will then appoint their own Leader, and model their own manifesto to achieve The Just Party's Aims and Policies.


There also needs to be:
  1. A high-profile Chairman with a national reputation
  2. Preferably some initial funding, though this can follow the Thursday dadline
  3. Steps towards recruiting members
  4. Lots of local supporters keen to spread the word about The Just Party candidates
  5. Marketing specialists, experts on issues such as the economy and housing, and experienced Party administrators. Such people in the pipeline at least.  This is to support the candidates during the election campaign, and to run a professional Party after the election is over, regardless of the result.  The Just Political Party is a vision for the long-term.
  6. In the longer term an experienced CEO to replace the founder who is acting as interim CEO

Prospective Parliamentary Candidates will no doubt bring their own local supporters, maybe even a breakaway group from an existing local Conservative or Labour association.  They may also bring their own Funding, to supplement the Party's own fund-raising efforts.

Broadly speaking this needs to happen, including a Chairman, but in a rather more iterative manner as the recruitment snowballs:

Do you want the UK to remain in the Single Market at least, but preferably cancel Brexit altogether?. Democratically, of course, given the 2016 Referendum was the starting gun, not the chequered flag, and voters must have the option to change their minds in the light of events as they unfold.  

Then how do you want to get involved?  Let's get this started, and it will soon snowball!

Contact us via Twitter @TheJustParty or by other ways here


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