Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Don't vote Just if ...

Don't vote for The Just Political Party if:
  • You believe in Brexit
  • You support Jeremy Corbyn
  • You support the Green Party's economic vision
Just don't.

But do vote for Just if:
  • You think the UK should remain in the EU, or at least the Single Market for trading purposes ("Soft Brexit")
  • You usually vote Comservative, but like many people, not this time
  • You voted for the New Labour vision, only to find it reverting to Old Labour
The Just Political Party represents your values, unfettered by the right of the Tories or the left of Labour.  

Maybe you have turned 18 since the General Election in 2015, and it's your first chance to vote.  Or maybe you never usually vote, but would like to do so if you could find a party that reflected your views.  Well here it is.  The Just political Party.  Great Aspirations.  Great Britain.  Just for you.


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