Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Reduce Inequality? Or Promote Aspiration?

As leader of the LibDems, Vince Cable has announced that “I want to lead on the issue of reducing inequality.”  In addition, “If we are serious about tackling inequality, we must tax wealth effectively through a wealth tax or combination of wealth taxes”.

The problem is that this is an attack on the entrepreneurial spirit that drives the economy and creates jobs. Aspiration is what drives us all.  If we want a better lifestyle, we must be prepared to work for it.  Perhaps start a business.  Take a massive personal risk, take on all the responsibility and worries that running a business entails, and expect to glean the rewards.  Big rewards.  In Vince Cable’s world, why bother?

Indeed, why come to the UK or stay in the UK if there are better rewards overseas?   We need to be encouraging the entrepreneurial spirit in the UK, not forcing it away.

We have a choice.  Promote equality or promote aspiration.

Aren’t the living standards of the poorest what’s most important?  Create well-paid jobs? Eliminate homelessness? Run a great NHS and have money to spend on social services?  OK, some people are richer than others.  But does that really matter? Shouldn’t we promote a Thriving Economy with a Caring Society, and making the UK a great place for everyone to live?

Yes we should. So Vince Cable’s proposition is rejected.  It should be aspiration over equality. That difference in core philosophy affects every policy.  That’s why it’s The Just Party not the LibDems.

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