Friday, 1 September 2017

Here Comes The Brexit Crunch

The Brexit “Withdrawal” Bill starts it’s 2-day debate in the Commons next Thursday 7th, with the vote on Monday 11th.   Is this the chance for MPs to recognise the problem with Brexit and rebel?  How?

These were the questions at the end of the blog post earlier "David versus Goliath. How’s It Going So Far?". This was a look at the outcome of the EU/UK Brexit negotiations this week.  The EU’s chief negotiator said there had not been “any decisive progress on any principal subjects.”  David Davis retorted for the UK that “some concrete progress had been achieved”.

The British public were sold a Brexit that would be quick and easy and save the country £350m a week. The EU would roll over and agree to the UK’s demands.

Clearly all poppycock.

The Referendum was a starting gun, but that shouldn’t be the end of the democratic process.  The people voted "to take back control" and that should be by Parliament, as shown with the High Court case that forced the government to hold the Article 50 notification vote.

Starting next Thursday 7th September, with the vote on Monday 11th, there’s the 2-day debate on the "European Union (Withdrawal) Bill".  Clause one effectively gives the power of withdrawal to a Minister of the Crown, for example Boris Johnson.  Top barrister Jolyon Maugham QC has rightly suggested that this should be voted down.  Indeed the whole Bill should be voted down.

It is abundantly clear that Brexit should be stopped, or at least the UK should remain in the Single Market.  (On this point, please be aware that there is a Labour group proposing to make the latter official Labour policy, but at present Labour's policy is still a Hard Brexit like the Conservatives. Labour has suggested only a longer transition under current arrangements to that Hard Brexit.)

Polls are beginning to show the shift to Remain. There’s still massive misgivings about the EU and its political direction.  But staying in the Single Market outguns restricting Freedom of Movement of People by over 2:1 according to  a recent poll.


The chances are that there will be a three-line whip by the Conservatives in support of the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill.  Labour has announced that they will oppose it.

MPs and members of the two parties will be divided.  There will be enormous pressure to split.  Will they do it?

The Just Party was formed to represent the majority of voters in the centre ground, between Labour and LibDems on the left and Conservatives on the right.  The principle aims are a Thriving Economy for a Caring Society, a vision which most people would share.  The risks from Brexit are such as to undermine that, and again most voters will want to remain in the Single Market, as shown by this recent survey.  #HalfBrexit (remaining in Single Market) or #HaltBrexit is official Just Party policy:

MPs have an option. Those who are centrist and oppose the hard Brexit being pursued unsuccessfully by the Government should combine to bring sense to the Brexit process.

How?  There is only one registered party ready and able to do so.  The Just Party. Let’s do it!


If you are an MP who does not want a Hard Brexit, then talk to your colleagues across all parties about rebelling by joining the Just Party.  The initial MPs will control the direction of the Party.  Talk to us.

Otherwise spread the word, especially to your MP if you know they are not Brexit supporters.

You can also donate to The Just Party funds here.  Minimum £5 and maximum £500 from anyone anywhere withojut your identity being made public.

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