Sunday, 10 September 2017

Anti-Brexit. March and Protest. There Needs To Be Political Change Too

Photo by Christopher Dale
Yesterday was the PeoplesMarch4EU.  Well over 10 thousand people marched through central London from Hyde Park to Parliament Square.  Not just those who are pro-EU adorned in EU flags, but many others who are anti-Brexit.  Another demonstration is planned for the Conservative Party conference in Manchester in October.

Great.  They highlight the depth of feeling to remain in the EU.  But when was the last time a march changed government policy?

A far more fundamental change is needed in Parliament.  MPs from all parties who believe the country is headed for an economic disaster if we leave the Single Market and Customs Union (SM/CU) need to unite behind a new banner.  That may mean a #Half Brexit, or a complete #HaltBrexit.

The vote on the EU (Withdrawal) Bill tomorrow, Monday, is their first chance as the Bill makes its way through the Commons and the Lords. 

Many of these MPs within Labour were supporters of New Labour and are not Corbynistas.  Likewise there are Compassionate Conservatives who do not like their party’s swing to the right. 

After all, the vast majority of voters regard themselves in the centre, as the two lines below show (upper line all electorate, lower line voters, per ComRes poll late 2014).  As we heard this morning on Marr “the centre ground of British politics needs to rediscover its traction”.

Why not the LibDems?  There are very few Conservative MPs and supporters who would move to the LibDems.  The party’s background is from the left, and Sir Vince Cable’s recent leadership has underlined the party’s socialist credentials.  That is too far to the left as shown above.

A new party is required properly in the centre that would attract MPs and supporters from both the Labour and Conservative parties.  That would achieve a size and influence the LibDems have not achieved, nor will ever achieve.

The only centrist anti-Brexit party already registered with the Electoral Commission is The Just Party, shown above in cyan (light blue).  We can contest an election even if called as early as tomorrow. We therefore extend an invitation to everyone who shares our vision to join us.  Further details are here.

There's probably over a hundred MPs whose heart would back The Just Party's views on Brexit and politics generally, who just need a catalyst to come together.  Maybe the EU (Withdrawal) Bill is that catalyst.

If you were thinking of funding the demonstration in Manchester, then by all means do so. But if you really want change, then do help fund The Just Party and spread the word as well.  Here’s our GoFundMe site.

Let’s do it!

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