Thursday, 29 June 2017

None of the Above

It is great to see younger voters getting involved in this last General Election.  It is their future after all.

But it is important that they understand not only the advantages of a party, but also the disadvantages.  Pros and cons.

So here's a quick summary:

Pros and cons
Tories (Conservative)
Believe in a business-driven economy, but for the benefit of the few.  Theresa May called them the “Nasty Party” when she was Chairman.  Recent events show that is still true
Labour expect people to pay more tax, for higher spend by government.  Sadly policies are counter-productive.  Unemployment tends to rise, national finances get out of control.  The current annual deficit is the legacy of the massive deficit left by the last Labour government
LibDems have a ‘soft Labour’ background.  Key policy is to put 1p on income tax.
Great ecological policies.  Laughable economic ones
One issue – the withdrawal of the UK from the EU.  That objective was achieved when Article 50 was triggered earlier this year.  No further role.

The obvious conclusion from this table is that "None of the Above" deserve your vote.  Many people agree with you.

In the 70s and 80s governments tended to alternate between hard-left Labour and hard-right Tory.  As soon as the pendulum swung too far, UK voters chose the other party.  It was only the introduction of New Labour in 1997 that resulted in three successive wins.

The difference?  New Labour was centrist, and tried to balance the generation of wealth with public spending.  However the underlying socialist economic policies were its undoing. They had no idea of risk management, and a downturn in the economy soon turned into a major annual deficit.


The UK needs a centrist party, somewhat like New Labour but:
  • With a strong pro-business emphasis to generate a Thriving Economy
  • A more business-like approach to taxes and expenditure
Then it is a matter of using the money generated for a Caring Society, properly supporting the NHS, care services, defence and other public expenditure.

The Just Party Logo.  Just press play!
That's why The Just Party was formed.  A party just for you.

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