Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Yes. There Already Is An Anti-Brexit Centrist Party

Last night, Tuesday, a journalist for the Economist, Jeremy Cliffe accidently started a political party” as he put it.

His call for interest in a “new anti-Brexit party with transformative social-liberal policies”.  Response came thick and fast.   As Jeremy observed:
"In the absence of responsible leadership from the Conservatives, effective opposition from Labour and a distinctive, compelling offer from the Liberal Democrats people are ready for something new. It is clear that there is a great opportunity here."

There have been several other people propose a new anti-Brexit centrist party in recent months. James Chapman, Jolyon Maugham QC, Chris Formaggia and Chris Coghlan to name just four.

But there is only one party that has been registered with the Electoral Commission.  "The Just Political Party."  That's Just is as in Social Justice. The party has two key aims:
1.    A Thriving Economy
2.    For a Caring Society

It is also anti-Brexit, as Brexit threatens the economy and therefore would starve the NHS and other public services of funds.  Further details are here and on the website.

As such The Just Party is a social-liberal party, filling the gap between the LibDems on the centre left and the Conservatives.  A true centrist party that closely matches where the majority of voters would place themselves on the left-right political spectrum, as indicated by the lines from a ComRes poll:

What the Just Party has lacked is a well-known and charismatic leader to gain publicity, and the consequent backing to make it a success.   By combining forces we can have a successful anti-Brexit centrist party.  Let's do it!

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